Why Visit Us

From its large and diverse collections of documents, the Seychelles National Archives can assist you with historical research, educational research, research in legal cases, rights and entitlements (e.g. citizenship applications, land acquisition, notarial deeds), genealogical research (family tree research), and local history. The Archives also entertains requests from overseas for research.

We offer a wide range of services from photocopying, photographing and scanning of documents to the binding and repairing of documents. 

We also provide lamination service as well as making copy of traditional music on CDs’ and transferring your research documents on CDs at your request.

The Archives allows you to bring along your laptop into its Research Room.

As well as being the guardian of historical and government documents, we organise exhibitions at regular intervals to sensitize members of the public regarding the richness of the holdings. Go to our online exhibitions to see some of collections.

Entrance is free of charge. We are looking forward to your visit.

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