Stamps Collection

On 6th May 1840, Great Britain issued the world’s first adhesive postage stamps, the famous “Penny Black”. Seychelles issued its first stamps on 5th April 1890.

In the Seychelles National Archives, you will find collections like Edwardian stamps issued on 22nd January 1901, which reached Seychelles in June 1903. King George V’s reign 1912 and 1917 and Coronation of King George VI on 12th May 1937 can also be found at the Archives.

Silver Wedding Stamps

In Seychelles, the Silver Wedding of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were commemorated by the issue of two key-type stamps on 11th November 1948: The 9c ultramarine and 5 R Carmine.

The Posthumous Issue

Two new designs were introduced. One was the Sailfish and the other was a map showing the geographical position of Seychelles in relation to the African and Asian Continents in 1952.

Coronation Stamps of Queen Elizabeth II

On 2nd June 1953, one single Seychelles 9c black and blue stamp was issued to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Pierre de Possession Stamps

The next commemorative issue of the Colony was the Pierre de Possession set two issued on 15th November 1956.

Facets of Seychelles Life

In 1962, on 21st February, a new definitive set was placed on sale. The subjects chosen present various facets of life in Seychelles Governmental Policy Symbolized.

Set on four Stamps placed on sale in Seychelles on 2nd September 1968 to symbolize the Seychelles Government’s Policy of acquiring large estates and dividing them into small-holdings.

Historical Subjects

On the 3rd November 1969 , a new definitive set of stamps were placed on sale concerned with subjects vital to the history of Seychelles such as the Landing of Lazare Picault in 1942, Le Vicomte Mahe de Labourdonnais, Satellite Tracking Station , the visit of Prince Philip to the Seychelles in 1956, etc…

Wild Flowers Portrayed

A set of stamps was issued on 29th December 1970, featuring four of the most attractive flowers which grow wild in Seychelles: the Pitcher plant, the wild Vanilla, the Tropic Bird flower and the Vare Hibiscus.

Completion of Airport

To celebrate the completion of Seychelles International Airport, a set of six stamps was issued on 28th June, 1971. They feature some of the aircraft that visited Seychelles before the airport was completed. 

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