Service Fees

The Seychelles National Archives offers a wide range of services to its clients, from photocopying documents to binding and repairing documents.
Below is a list of these services offered and its fees.

Service fee

  • SR 50.00 (students exempted)

Family tree research (genealogical research)


  • SR350.00 if you undertake your research personally
  • SR 500.00 if the National Archives staff carry out your research. Click here to request a family tree research by us.
Other research


The National Archives readily and regular entertains overseas research requests. The rate for such research varies depending on the nature of the task.
Payment is made in foreign exchange or in the local currency, through bank transfer, Credit Union and also safe postal means; whichever is at the client's convenience. 


  •  SR 100.00 per first 100 words
  • SR 50.00 for every 100 words


  • SR 100.00 per first 100 words
  • SR 50.00 for every other 100 words


Students will pay half price

  • A4 paper: SR 3.00
  • A4 paper(recto verso): SR 6.00
  • A3 paper: SR 5.00
  • A3 paper(recto verso): SR 8.00


  • SR 50.00


  • SR 20.00

Printing of photographs

Black & white

  • A4 paper: SR 25.00
  • A3 paper: SR 50.00


  • A4 paper: SR 50.00
  • A3 paper: SR 100.00
  • A1 paper: SR 300.00

Digital images on CD

Low resolution (72 MB) - SR 40.00
High resolution (300/600 dpi) - SR 400.00

Printing digital images (coloured)

A4 paper : SR 150.00
A3 paper : SR 250.00
A2 paper : SR 350.00

Copying CDs - SR

The Archives can make copies of traditional music on CDs for you and transfer your research documents on CDs at your request


We provide lamination services for your research documents as well as personal documents

A4 paper: SR 15.00
A3 paper: SR 20.00

Laptop - SR50 per day

You can bring your laptop into the Research Room

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