Seychelles presidents and commanders-in-chief

Sir MANCHAM James Richard Marie
President of the Republic of Seychelles from 1976 to 1977

Born in Seychelles 11th August 1939.

Founding president of the Republic of Seychelles. Promoter of Global Forum for Peace, Reconciliation and Properity. Educated at Seychelles college, Wilson college (London), Council of Legal Education (London 1958 to 1961, called to the Bar),Middle Temple (London 1961), Auditeur libre a la Faculte de Droits es Science-Economiques - University of Paris (1962), International Institute of Labour Studies - Geneva (1968).
Career: Barrister and Attorney-at Law. Before Supreme Court of Seychelles (1963 to 1967), Founded Seychelles Democratic Party (1964), Member of Seychelles Governing Council (1967), Leader of Majority Party (1967), Member of Seychelles Legislative Assembly from 1964 to 1970 (Three times elected), Member of the rences in London (1970 and 1976). Pioneered International Executive Council 1964 up to Self-Government, Led Seychelles Democratic Party to the Seychelles Constitutional Confeonal Tourism to Seychelles - was first person to disembark from a wide bodies plane in Seychelles (BOACVC 10, 4th July 1971). First Chief Minister (1966), First Prime Minister (1976), Founding President of the Republic on 29th June 1976. He was overthrown in a popular uprising in 5th June 1977 and was replaced as President by Mr. France-Albert Rene. Founding president of the Republic of Seychelles.Born in Seychelles 11th August 1939.

RENE France-Albert
President of the Republic of Seychelles/Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces from 1977 to 2004

Born in Seychelles 16th November 1935.

Educated Secondary College. Seychelles; St. Maurice, Switzerland; St. Mary’s College, Southampton, England; Kings College, University of London; Council of Legal Education in 1956; London School of Economics in 1961; Called to the Bar in 1957.

Career: Barrister and Attorney-at-Law (Seychelles) 1958 to 1961. Senior staff of Westminster Bank, Ltd. Founded the Seychelles Peoples United Party in November 1962 to demand independence of Seychelles from British Colonial rule. Following his return to Seychelles in 1964, was elected a Member of the Governing Legislative Council in 1965 and nominated a Member of the Government Council in 1967. Elected to the Legislative Assembly again in 1970 and 1974. Led the S.P.U.P. delegation to the Constitutional Conference in London which agreed on a Constitution for the independence of Seychelles on the 29th June 1976. Became Minister for Work and Development in 1975 and Prime Minister (1976 to 1977). Assumed Presidency of Seychelles following the Coup d’Etat of the 5th of June 1977. Created One-Party State and promulgated the Constitution of the 2nd Republic of Seychelles under which was elected President in 1979, 1984 and 1989. In 1992 he invited Former President Mancham to return to Seychelles to contribute towards the establishment of Multi-Party Democracy. Led the Seychelles Peoples Progressive Front to the Constitutional Commission, which saw the adoption of the Multi-Party Constitution of the Third Republic. He was elected three consecutive times as President and handed over the Presidency to Mr. James Michel on 14th April 2004. Son of Price René and Louisa Morgan, married first in 1956 to Karen Handlay – one daughter; second marriage 1975 to Geva Adam; Married in 1993 to Sarah Zarqani – three daughters.

MICHEL James Alix
President of the Republic of Seychelles/Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces from 2004 to date

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