Paper Currencies Collection

The history of paper currency in the Seychelles date back to the period of the French colonization with the most common form of currency being metal coins. When the Seychelles became a formal British Colony in 1814; these were replaced by currencies from Mauritius. The Seychelles also made use of other foreign currencies like the Indian notes and coins, until the Seychelles rupee was firmly established.

Not withstanding the limited scope of historical records, this publication aims at providing an insight into the development of paper currencies in the Seychelles from the period of French and British colonization to present day. Divided into sections pertaining to marked periods and events in the life of the Seychelles ‘currency, this publication provides colorful illustrations of the different forms of paper currencies used over the years. In addition the closing section gives an interesting description of all the flora and fauna appearing on the most recent paper currencies of the islands.

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