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The next History Fair competition will be held in 2013, and thats year's theme is ‘Leritaz en kominote’ or ‘A community’s heritage’ .  In order to maximize participation, the sensitization programme, organized jointly by the National Archives and the Ministry of Education has already begun in schoolssince early October of 2012. The History Fair is open to all ages, to all schools (both private & public), independent bodies or groupings, and any other interested individuals. 

All potential participants should be sure to read the  rules and regulations for this competition, and complete the registration form before submitting it to the Director of National Archives.

For more information on participating, see the following links:


This project will serve two important purposes: firstly it will fill a need in the education system to produce students who have an awareness of History, its impact on society and how it affects their own development. Secondly it will serve to enrich the public databases such as Archives and Museums, and help to contribute towards the preservation of national heritage and cultural identity. 


  • Help in the preservation of Seychelles history
  • Promote history as a subject at school level
  • Actively involve schools and the general public in the study of our history
  • Encourage the use of cultural institutions for research
  • Collect information which will provide further historical resources to help in the implementation of history in the curriculum
  • Assist the Archives in collecting historical data
  • Promote the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of human activities in the past and their impact on society
  • Encourage the development of a wide range of skills, such as identifying, analyzing and interpreting primary and secondary sources
  • Self-directed study: the ability to conduct purposeful research and to convey synthesized information in popular formats
  • Encourage students to start their own family history
  • Facilitate academic and creative expression among students with different learning styles
  • Develop both a humanistic and academic approach to history


The History Fair 2013/2014 prize giving ceremony was held on 26th September at the National Cultural Centre. The event was a great success thanks to the generous contributions from the different sponsors and also the hard work of the History Fair committee.


Winners for the History Fair  2013/2014 in each categories and their project titles.

Primary school

1st prize: La Rosiere school (History of La Rosiere school)

2nd prize: Beau vallon school (Sullivan cemetery)

3rd prize: Cascade school (History of Cascade school)


Secondary school

1st prize: La Digue school (Traditional houses, furniture and home appliancs)

2nd prize: Independent school (Bel Air cemetery)

3rd prize: La Digue school (Mardilo, traditional dance)


Open category

1st prize: Ms Lilia Nibourette and Mr. Eric Atulo (Traditional industries of La Digue)

2nd prize: Ms Kerris Lucas (La Plaine St.Andre)

3rd prize: Mrs Lymia Bibi (Our Creches Teachers, Our Heritage)

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