Lt. Col. The Hon. Sir Eustace Edward Twistleton Wykeham Fiennes, CMG, (1918-1921)

The Hon. Eustace Fiennes was born in 1864 and was the second son of the 14th Baron Saye and Sele. He served in the army from 1886 to 1915. He arrived in Seychelles on the 8th October, 1918 on board the SS “Merkara” via the Cape to take the post of Governor of the Colony. Prior to his appointment in the Colonial Office he was a Liberal M.P for Banbury.

Being a member of Parliament accustomed to voting millions of pounds he was unable to grasp that Seychelles had to live to its meagre revenue being a poor country. He instituted the Income Tax in order to raise money. He found that the steam launch, “Alexandra” was too small for service he was performing as he wanted to visit the Outlying Islands. He decided to build another one costing Rs60.000/- and was named “Florence” after the name of a lady Fiennes. The idea of the governor was to get a good boat but was unfortunate in the circumstance as ”Florence” was soon found unsuitable for service.

Governor Fiennes found that the Seychelles Hospital was quite out of date, and took the initiative in collecting money for a new one, which started in 1920.

He had a home built in 1919 for the poor at Plaisance which was called “Fiennes Institute”. He had the foreshore in front of Victoria Street reclaimed resulting in a beautiful promenade with the name “Fiennes Esplanade”. He had also a ”Public Garden” made lying just after the Treasury Department on the eastern side.

More than that he had a road made joining Victoria Street and Bel Air Road, Governor Fiennes set himself the task of helping the poorer inhabitants and he was greatly esteemed by all. On his departure a “Champagne d’honneur” was given on his honour and presented with an illuminated address. He left Seychelles on 14th March,1921.

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