Sir De Symans Montagne George Honey, CMG, (1928-1933)

Sir De Symans Montagne George Honey was made a Knight in 1932. He was born in 1872 at Alexandria, Cape Province. He married Violet Marguerite, of Stellenbosh in 1904 and they have two sons. Served in British South Africa Police in Mashanlaud and in Boes war. Sir De Symans Montagne George Honey joined Transvaal civil service in 1901. Deputy Resident Commissioner, Swaziland 1910 and Resident Commissioner 1917-28. He became governor of Seychelles in 1928-1933. Governor De Symans arrived in the colony on the 24th March 1928. The economic problems of a tropical colony were not his strong points as all his experience was from South Africa.
He kept apart from the people, he did not get 'au courant' as the other Governors did. Governor Honey was said to be an upright and conscientious Governor, but his manners of South Africa did not correspond with the alert Seychellois of the French manners and he was quite unable to adapt himself to their methods and ideas. He left Seychelles in 1933 and died in 1945.

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