Sir Julian Edward George Asquith, the Earl of Oxford and Asquith, KCMG, (1962-1967)

Sir Julian Edward George Asquith, 2nd Earl of Oxford and Asquith, was born in 1916. He was the eldest son of Raymond Asquith and K. Frances. Married in 1947 to Anne Mary Celestine, they have two sons and three daughters. Sir Asquith was educated at Ampleforth College and Balliol College (Scholar), Oxford, 1938; Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, 1939-42. He became Administrative Officer to the Palestine from 1942-48 and seconded to Libya as Adviser to Prime Minister, 1948-52. Administrative Officer of Zanzibar 1953 and Administrative Secretary, 1955. Administrator of St Lucia, 1958.
Mr. Julian Edward George Asquith was Governor of Seychelles from 1962-1967 and Commissioner BIOT, 1965-1967.

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